NPM Biofuel Maintenance Station

Those are the frequently-asked problem we collect from our customers. Hopefully you can be beneficial from it.

How Long Should I Replace The Ring Die Or Flat Die?
Dies are the most important component in the pellet mill. Usually speaking, a ring die or flat die can have a life span from 1 year to 3 years depending on its quality. After long time of using, it is suggested to replace a new one to keep a stable production.

Why The Pellets I Produce Break Easily?
There are usually two ways to deal with such problem. Firstly, ensure the moisture content of the raw material somewhere between 10-20%. Secondly, if you are pelletizing the raw material which lacks moisture, for example, the straw, then you should probably add binder to make it harder. The recommended binders include vegetable oil, Molasses, starch, gluten, dried distiller’s grain and rape cake.

How Can I Improve The Pellet Mill Tolerance?
Adding an oily material to the original feedstock can also increase the tolerances of the pellet mill. The oily properties aid to the pellet process and can reduce the frequency of blocked dies and poor pellet quality.

Why the energy consumption is large yet the productivity is low?
To solve this problem, it is strongly suggested to check that the hammer mill and pellet mill can operate with the least resistance to keep energy demand to a minimum. For example, checking that there is not a build up of material causing extra friction around the pellet mill die and rollers. Without these checks energy will be wasted on the extra friction placed on the die and rollers

How should I perform die cleaning?
At the end of production a low-density oily material should be processed through the pellet mill, enabling production to start up easily next time. Possible materials include wheat bran, flour, corn or barley mixed with vegetable oil.

Could You Offer Us Some Useful Technical Guide?
We have sold E-books related to pellet machines at our subsidiary We can send a free copy to our customers.

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