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Common Malfunction Troubleshooting
BY James Wang
Malfunction 1: low productivity
The flat die has coarse finish for first time using
The moisture content of the raw material is too high or too low (no more than 20%)
The gap between the roller and die too large
The roller or die has severe wear

Trouble shooting:
Use oily material to lubricate for a while and the productivity will improve
Adjust the moisture content of the material to the proper percentage
Adjust and hold down the bolt closer.
Change the new one.

Others malfunction situation:
Excessive fines in the pellet
-Low moisture content

Abnormal sound
–foreign matters may be blended in and should stop for removal

Sudden Machine Halt
– overload; foreign matter comes inside
– Low voltage or low motor power

Trouble shooting:
appropriately enlarge the gap between the roller and the die;
stop the machine and remove the foreign matters;
Change the power line or change the motor.

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