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Daily Maintenance
BY James Wang

There are some regular maintenance we should keep doing for lengthening the lifespan of the pellet mill machines.

  1. Check the condition of the electric control gear every month;
  2. Check to see if the electric wire is aging or not every month;
  3. Check the tension of the belt from time to time to avoid the low productivity and belt creep;
  4. Don’t pack the pellet until it is cooled off;
  5. Adjust the bolt properly with gap(between the roller and die) around 0.1-0.3 mm;
  6. When the production is finished, clean the material left on the feedstock inlet and outlet to prevent mould growing;
  7. There should be small amount of material left inside the machine to prevent the roller contacting the die directly;
  8. When the new operation begins, the feedstock should be fed in slowly;
  9. Adjust the position of the blade head upward or downward, which can control the length of the pellet;
  10. Make sure the electricity is not connected to the machine before doing the regular maintenance.
  11. All of the spare parts should be added lubricating oil half a year.
  12. If the machine gets stuck during the operation, it should stop using the machine. Loosen the compression bolt of the roller and then restart the machine again.

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