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Things To Do For Successful Pellet Mill Application
BY James Wang

1Firstly,it is necessary to do a general check to tighten any loose button once you have bought a new pellet mill in order to ensure that the machine is secure to run. Don’t forget to set the running direction of the machine according to the direction mark before opening.

2Secondly, it is also very significant to lubricate your pellet machine to make sure that all the moving parts are oiled to increase its performance.Before you begin the engine, you should add engine oil based on the oil meter to make sure pellet machine will function effectively. If the pellet mill is frequently used, the engine oil should be replaced every three month.

3Thirdly, you’d better not have overburden production. The production ought to keep below the actual production capacity of the pellet mill during the manufacturing process; otherwise it will accelerate the damage of motor and wear of parts and then it will reduce the life circle of pellet machine.

4Fourthly, monthly inspection of the pellet machine spare parts is also needed which includes worm gear, worm, bolt and bearings. If you find something wrong with those parts, you should change them right away. You should also examine if some connected parts are loose or not.

5Lastly, after utilizing the pellet machine, you should take out the roller and wash it very carefully, then put it back after cleaning and prepare yourself for the future use. If the pellet machine is not regularly used, you should make sure the pellet mill is well-preserved: clean the pellet machine, coat the surface with antirust oil, and then cover it with tarpaulin.Furthermore, the pellet machine needs to be placed in a clean and dry environment. The acid as well as other mordant air should be avoided.

The above information is some suggestions provide by Nanjing Pellet Mill Co., Ltd for the upkeep of the pellet machine. With correct and reasonable maintenance, the pellet machine can bring about huge practical benefits to users. We hope the information above can be of great help for you to maintain your pellet mill.

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